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Show #4: Jack Sarfatti

Mad physicist extraordinaire, Jack Sarfatti, talks about UFOs, time travel, and making the technology of Star Trek a reality. (mp3) [ viagra cream | viagra for sale | next day delivery of cialis | viagra order canada | herbal v … Continue reading

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Berkeley Liberation Radio on the Move

A little item in today’s SF Chron about Berkeley Liberation Radio’s latest changes. “The 40-watt station has been silenced by the FCC several times before, including under its predecessor, Free Radio Berkeley. It plans to start a streaming Internet broadcast … Continue reading

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Chet Helms 1942 – 2005

Chet Helms, who hitchhiked to San Francisco with Janis Joplin in the mid-1960s and started the famous Family Dog, producing shows at the Avalon Ballroom and The Fillmore in San Francisco died at 12:35 AM today from complications resulting from … Continue reading

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Show #3: Zeppelin Reprised

Erik Davis returns to finish a conversation about Zeppelin’s magical evocations. Also, Pastor Jack phones in an exorcism, and we discuss “podsafe music.” (mp3) “Stairway to Heaven” backwards Tom Jones exorcisms [ online doctor viagra | best price viagra | … Continue reading

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Acidhead Discovers Meaning of Life!

This should be on the front pages! [ viagra online | generic viagra in canada | cialis on sale | online order url viagra | buy online pharmacy viagra | natural viagra | herbal viagra | women use viagra | … Continue reading


Show #2: The Occult & Led Zeppelin – 6/15/05

This is a great episode, with Erik Davis, author of a new book about Led Zeppelin’s nameless fourth album. He gives an enlightened stoner’s analysis of the band and its work, noting the extreme mystery forged out of heavy rock … Continue reading


Show #1: Translating Bush – 6/8/05

Fred Burks, one of W’s top interpreters to the world’s largest Muslim country, communes with dolphins, believes in UFOs, and has taken Ecstacy and LSD. We talk to him in a dangerous debriefing as he reveals details about secret government … Continue reading

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