Show #4: Jack Sarfatti

Mad physicist extraordinaire, Jack Sarfatti, talks about UFOs, time travel, and making the technology of Star Trek a reality. (mp3)

Berkeley Liberation Radio on the Move

A little item in today’s SF Chron about Berkeley Liberation Radio’s latest changes.

“The 40-watt station has been silenced by the FCC several times before, including under its predecessor, Free Radio Berkeley. It plans to start a streaming Internet broadcast on a Web site within a few weeks…”

And we’ve got the father of Berkeley Liberation Radio, through the auspices of Radio Free Berkeley coming up on the RU Sirius Show on the week of July 10. Stephen Dunifer really got the ball rolling on micro-radio and is currently moving into TV. Anyway, I’m excited about this one and thought I’d drop this little news item to whet appetites (as well as inform).

Chet Helms 1942 – 2005

Chet Helms, who hitchhiked to San Francisco with Janis Joplin in the mid-1960s and started the famous Family Dog, producing shows at the Avalon Ballroom and The Fillmore in San Francisco died at 12:35 AM today from complications resulting from a stroke.

Chet was a friend — he was an incredibly sweet person, had a very cool sense of humor, and was a wonderful story-teller. I’m glad I had the chance to know him and I’m sorry to see him go. I’ll miss his friendly vibes whenever I go to parties where sixties vets and friends congregate.

Happy trails, Chet….

Show #3: Zeppelin Reprised

Erik Davis returns to finish a conversation about Zeppelin’s magical evocations. Also, Pastor Jack phones in an exorcism, and we discuss “podsafe music.” (mp3)

“Stairway to Heaven” backwards
Tom Jones exorcisms

Acidhead Discovers Meaning of Life!

This should be on the front pages!

Show #2: The Occult & Led Zeppelin – 6/15/05

This is a great episode, with Erik Davis, author of a new book about Led Zeppelin’s nameless fourth album. He gives an enlightened stoner’s analysis of the band and its work, noting the extreme mystery forged out of heavy rock and some serious attitude. (mp3)

Erik Davis
Aleister Crowley
Mashup: “Breathe On” (Led Zeppelin vs. Frou Frou)
Mud shark legend
Zeppelin and Tolkien
Monkey cops

Show #1: Translating Bush – 6/8/05

Fred Burks, one of W’s top interpreters to the world’s largest Muslim country, communes with dolphins, believes in UFOs, and has taken Ecstacy and LSD. We talk to him in a dangerous debriefing as he reveals details about secret government meetings and far-reaching 9-11 conspiracies. (mp3)

Burks’ website
Abu Bakar Ba’asyir
Bush’s Bulge
Curry vs. Winer podcasting debate