Monthly Archives: August 2006

Show #61 (interview): Reunion, Part 2

Part 2 of the reunion features Steve Robles, Patrick Hughes, Annalee Newitz and Thomas Roche. They talk about dot com junkies, speed seducers, San Francisco politics, insane editorial meetings, and oh so much more. MP3 Don’t forget to vote … Continue reading

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Show #60 (Interview): The Dot Com Zine That Went All The Way

RU Sirius, Jeff Diehl and Steve Robles first got together in San Francisco to work on a webzine financed by a porn company in Florida. The zine was called GettingIt. We ran articles like “The Semen Warriors of New Guinea” … Continue reading

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Show #59 (Weekend): Is Civilization A Mistake?

This episode of the weekend edition builds on a conversation we had with Anarchist Ben Blue about John Zerzan. Anarchist philosopher Zerzan thinks we took a wrong turn way back when we took up agriculture. MP3 Don’t forget to vote … Continue reading

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Show #58 (Interview): Open Source Humor with Heather Gold

Brilliant comedian and performer Heather Gold joined us in the studio today to talk about her upcoming “Open Source Comedy” with Mark Routhier, the dolls of American Girl, and hitting the trifecta of outsiderness. MP3 Don’t forget to vote for … Continue reading

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Show #57 (Weekend): Wikipedia Controversies

Our gang of three contemplates Virtual Reality legend Jaron Lanier’s critique of Wikipedia as “Digital Maoism.” And how does all this relate to Kurzweil’s Singularity? And when did “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” by Slade come out? MP3 Don’t forget … Continue reading

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