Encore: Tony Serra, Attorney-Poet

Radical lawyer and multiple tax offender Tony Serra talks about fighting injustice, why he takes murder cases, and the sheep-like behavior of contemporary Americans.


Producer: Jeff Diehl | Host: RU Sirius | Gang of Two Chatterers: Destiny, Jeff Diehl | Song: “I Fought The Law” by The Clash | Intro & Outro: Scrappi DuChamp and Mondo Vanilli (and others)

Show #1: Translating Bush – 6/8/05

Fred Burks, one of W’s top interpreters to the world’s largest Muslim country, communes with dolphins, believes in UFOs, and has taken Ecstacy and LSD. We talk to him in a dangerous debriefing as he reveals details about secret government meetings and far-reaching 9-11 conspiracies. (mp3)

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