Mondo 2000 Would Be Cover Girl Makes Good

The Great Lost Last Issue of MONDO 2000 was designed in 1997. It got as far as the film stage (publishers understand) but was never printed. It was a great great issue which I can say because I had pretty much nothing to do with it… it was edited by “Queen Mu” and designed by her and Heide Foley, with some help from Robert Phoenix and a few other stout members of a pick up crew. Anyway it featured a performance artist, Miranda July, on the cover.

Now Miranda July has a film out called “Me and You and Everybody We Know” which is fucking brilliant, beautiful, funny, humane…

OK, it’s in many ways your archetypal indie film: quirky characters, sexual taboo buttons pressed (relatively gently actually, but that may actually make it more powerful), the second lead character (played by Miranda herself) is even a performance artist who makes films of her feet with the words “me” and “you” written on her shoe-tops. But if you’re cringing, you’re cringing WITH her… she’s a very cringy, self-aware character.

Anyway, just take my word for it. This film totally works.

Now, does anybody want to print that lost issue of Mondo 2000?

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