Show #46: Sex & Drugs & DNA

Our guest is Michael Stebbins, author of “Sex, Drugs & DNA: Sciences Taboos Confronted. Besides droppin’ science, Stebbins — a Washington D.C. insider who used to work for Democratic Senator Harry Reid — drops some upcoming political news about Republican Senators Bill Frist and John McCain. And he joins us in our never-ending learned discourse regarding monkeys.


Producer: Jeff Diehl | Host: RU Sirius | Gang of Five Chatterers: RU Sirius, Diana Brown, Steve Robles, Jeff Diehl, Michael Stebbins | Featured Mashup: “”Say Yes to Schooly” by DJ Riko | Intro & Outro: Scrappi DuChamp and Mondo Vanilli (and others)

Sex, Drugs & DNA

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