Show #60 (Interview): The Dot Com Zine That Went All The Way

RU Sirius, Jeff Diehl and Steve Robles first got together in San Francisco to work on a webzine financed by a porn company in Florida. The zine was called GettingIt. We ran articles like “The Semen Warriors of New Guinea” and “They Wrecked My Genitals.” We had regular weekly columns from Lydia Lunch, Andrei Codrescu, and Robert Anton Wilson, and we had real, on-the-spot (not fake!) news coverage from the East Timor revolution and The Battle of Seattle. We covered the weird, the extreme, the erotic, and… always… the ludicrously funny. One of our reporters even tasted his own sperm and urine to bring us the story. It was heaven on earth.

In this first of a two-part program, we get together and reminisce. The members of the GettingIt staff who were interviewed for this show were Mat Honan, Andy Baio, Allyson Quibell and David Cassel. Next week, we’ll talk to Patrick Hughes, Steve Robles, Annalee Newitz and Thomas Roche


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Producer: Jeff Diehl | Host: RU Sirius | Gang of Four Chatterers: RU Sirius, Diana Brown, Steve Robles, Jeff Diehl | Featured Song: “Run to the Hills” by Anton Maiden | Intro & Outro: Scrappi DuChamp and Mondo Vanilli (and others)

GettingIt | Mat Honan | Andy Baio | David Cassel | Semen Warriors of New Guinea | Peter Braunstein

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