Show #89: Zen Monkeys Talk About 10 Zen Monkeys

Destiny joins us and we talk about our growing new webzine 10 Zen Monkeys. The hippie chicks who tried to shoot Ford, real videos from soldiers in Iraq, and the deprecations of Perverted Justice are part of the discussion. And we also object to Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon.


Producer: Jeff Diehl | Host: RU Sirius | Gang of Five Chatterers: RU Sirius, Destiny, Jeff Diehl, Steve Robles, Richard Kadrey | Song: “A Yah We Ded” by Barrington Levy & DJ Spooky | Intro & Outro: Scrappi DuChamp and Mondo Vanilli (and others)

10 Zen Monkeys | Hippie Chicks Against Ford | The Real Iraq | Perverted Justice Perverts

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