Show #23: Is The Universe Conspiring To Shower YOU With Blessings?

Rob Brezny, our favorite optimist and magic man, returns to talk more about his book, Pronoia Is The Antidote to Paranoia and about his Free Will Astrology


Producer: Jeff Diehl | Host: RU Sirius | Gang of Four Chatterers: RU Sirius, Diana Brown, Sherry Miller, and Jeff Diehl | Featured Song: “Lovemakers on Video” by Matt Hite (THE LOVEMAKERS vs. TRANS-X vs. EMINEM vs. BEASTIE BOYS) | Intro & Outro: Scrappi DuChamp and Mondo Vanilli (and others)

San Francisco, Guns, & O’Reilly | Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia | Free Will Astrology | World Entertainment War

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